Cairo Atheneum.

From our First Edition

There was a crowded audience at the Atheneum last night on the occasion of Mrs. Noyes' benefit. The plays, "William Tell," and "Katty O'Shiel," were well brought out. Mr. Noyes, as the hero of Switzerland, and Mrs. Noyes as "Albert," and as "Katty O'Shiel," were both first rate. Mr. Richards "Gesler," was the tyrant to perfection. Mr. Hann's "Duke St. Lorme," was in that gentleman's best vein. Mr. Richards made a very good opening, and Messrs. Vernon and Franklin were good. Miss Lannier played with her usual good taste and was well seconded by Miss Douglass. In fact all did well. Hooper sang a song between the plays, "Sweet Isabella, with the cotton umbrella," and upon the encore gave "My Grandfather was a most wonderful Man," both of which efforts were roundly applauded. Mrs. Noyes had a successful benefit, and the proceeds, which were considerable, could not have been bestowed upon a better person.

This evening the management announce that the great moral lesson, and sensational drama, "The Ticket-of-Leave Man," will be produced at the Atheneum for positively the last time. It is a strongly cast and unexceptionably performed, and has never been better rendered than upon its last representation. It will be equally well played to-night. Go early. Secure seats.

On Monday night the great Irish drama of the "Colleen Bawn," with a most effective cast, new scenery, properties, &c., &c., will be produced in superb style, at the Atheneum.