Employment of Negroes in Gen. Grant's Department.

[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]

CAIRO, August 18, 1862.

Gen. Grant has issued the following important order:

CORINTH, Miss., 11th.

General Order No. 72.]

The recent act of Congress prohibits the army from returning fugitives form labor to their claimants, and authorizes the employment of such persons in the service of the Government. The following orders are, therefore, published for the guidance of the army in this matter.

1st. All fugitives thus employed must be registered; the names of the fugitives and claimant given, and must be borne upon the morning report of the command in which they are kept, showing how they are employed.

2d. Fugitives may be employed as laborers in the quartermaster's subsitence and engineer's department, and whenever by such employment a soldier may be saved to its ranks, they may be employed as teamsters, and as company cook, not exceeding four to a company, or as hospital attendants and nurses; officers may employ them as private servants, in which latter case the fugitives will not be paid or rationed by the government. Negroes not thus employed must be secured as unauthorized persons, and will be excluded from the camps.

3d. Officers and soldiers are positively prohibited from enticing slaves to leave their masters. When it becomes necessary to employ this kind of labor, the commanding officers of the post or troops must send details, always under the charge of a suitable commissioned officer, to press into service the slaves of disloyal persons to the number required.

4th. Citizens within reach of any military station, known to be disloyal or dangerous, may be ordered away or arrested and their crops and stock taken for the benefit of the Government or for the use of the army.

5th. All property taken from rebel owners must be duly reported, and used for the benefit of the Government, and be issued to the troops through the proper department, and when practicable the act of taking should be accompanied by the written certificate of the officer so taking to the owner or agent of such property.

It is enjoined on all commanders to see that this order is executed strictly under their own direction. The demoralization of troops subsequent upon being left to execute laws in their own way without a proper head, must be avoided. By command of:
Maj. Gen. GRANT.