[Correspondence of the Illinois State Journal.]


Murderous Attack of James and Robert Pulley upon A. W. Rogers.

CARBONDALE, June 30, 1861.

EDS. JOURNAL: Southern Illinois is beginning to feel the effects of the failure of the United States court to punish traitors. As soon as Pulley was discharged, Corder, Campbell and several others, who had left for Kentucky, fearing that they would be arrested for treason, returned to Marion, and that town is fully as "loyal" as ever. Jeff. Davis stock is a long way above par, and the Union cause proportionally depressed.

On Friday last, a gentleman from Cincinnati, having a claim against a resident of Marion, visited this place and employed A. W. Rogers, Esq., attorney at law, to go with him to Marion and endeavor to obtain a settlement of the account. Mr. Rogers is, and has been, an unwavering Democrat, and is a member of our Democratic County Committee. Soon after his arrival in Marion, Mr. Rogers met Pulley, and after a few words, the latter drew a pistol and struck at Rogers with the but end of the weapon. He then fired at Rogers, who returned the fire. Robert Pulley, a brother to James stood by with a double barreled shot gun, which he drew upon Rogers, who retreated into the hotel, and as he stepped into the door, Robert Pulley fired, the load entering the side of the door. Rogers returned the shot form the window, and retreated to the back part of the room. Pulley then stepped up to the window and fired the other barrel at Rogers, and James Pulley again fired his revolver. A large crowd had by this time collected in front of the hotel, and the wildest excitement prevailed, the friends of Pulley being determined to wipe out Rogers. While the crowd was consulting the best and safest means of securing their victim, Rogers escaped by the back door of the house and, taking an out-of-the-way road, effected his escape.

Pulley had no earthly cause of complaint against Rogers, except that the latter is a Union man.

In the case of such a man as Pulley, with money and friends, the law is a farce. It will be impossible to punish him for this cowardly attempt at assassination. How long is such a state of affairs to be permitted to exist?
A. B.