More of the "Northwestern Confederacy," Conspiracy — A Leading Member of the Order Confesses.

The St. Louis Democrat of yesterday publishes another chapter of the revalations in reference to the secret organization known as the "Order of American Knights." This second instalment is made up of the testimony (or more correctly, the confession) of Green B. Smith, the Grand Secretary. Charles L. Hunt, Charles E. Dunn, and Smith were examined some time ago, but then denied all knowledge of the Order. The Democrat says: "It now turns out that these men were the highest officers of the Order in the State. Hunt being the Grand Commander, Dunn the Deputy Grand Commander, and Green the Grand Secretary; and that on discovering that Col. Sanderson, the Provost Marshal General, was in full possession of all the secrets of the Order, and that there was therefore, no use in them any longer to attempt to conceal its secrets by persisting in perjured statements with regard to themselves, they resolved to ask for a re-examination, which was given them, in which each acknowledged his former statement to be untrue, and acknowledged the existence of such in order, his membership of it, and truly answered all questions put to him in regard to it."

Hunt, Dunn, and Smith have been released on bond and taking the oath of allegiance — the first giving bond in $10,000 and the two others in $5,000 each.

Smith's testimony is, in some respects, more explicit than that published in the Democrat a few days ago. We shall give some extracts from it hereafter.

A few Union papers in the East have, in a very flippant manner, attempted to ridicule these revalations. In doing this, they have simply shown how superficial is their knowledge of the arts resorted to by traitors to overthrow the Government.