From the Seat of the Copperhead War.

March of 41st Illinois — Arrival at Mattoon — Arrival of the 47th Indiana — A Scout to Windsor — Chase after Rebels — The Country under Martial Law — Arrival of Col. Henderson with 30 Men of the 6th Missouri — Gen. Heintzelman Expected — List of Prisoners, etc.

[From our Special Correspondent.]

MATTOON, Thursday morning, March 31st, 1864.

Editors Journal:

As you are well aware, the 41st Illinois took the Great Western R. R. last evening, amid the cheers of our citizens and the "God bless you!" of the ladies, for the seat of war in Illinois. Throughout the entire route it was a perfect ovation. At Decatur, where the regiment was organized, the old battle flag was received by the regiment with many a cheer. After a cold ride of eight hours we arrived at this point. All was excitement. The 47th Indiana Volunteers, Col. Slack, had just arrived from Indianapolis. They were just ready to leave for the front when Gen. Carrington arrived and ordered them here. The greeting between the two regiments of veterans was most cordial. At the Essex House, a conference was held by Col. Pugh, of the 31st, Col. True, of the 61st, Col. Chapman, of the 54th Illinois, and Col. Slack, of the 47th Indiana. A scout had just come in from Windsor, ——— miles west, and reported Thompson, a noted Copperhead of Windsor, in command of one hundred and fifty men, encamped about two miles from that place. They concluded to move immediately, and did so. The night was very dark and cold, and the train was obliged to move very cautiously. On arriving at Windsor a guard was sent out in advance, but without doubt the enemy had been posted and only about a dozen could be seen, who, upon our arrival, made the best use of their legs and kept up a good circulation of their blood. The city and county has been placed under martial law by Col. Oakes, Provost Marshal General. Large bodies of armed citizens are doing patrol duty as well as picket duty mounted. The 62d Illinois, Col. True, are scattered throughout the county. The 54th are mostly at Charleston.

At this time, 8 A. M. we have just returned from Windsor. What the next step in the programme will be I cannot tell, but shall know in season for the mail.

Capt. D. W. Henderson, of the 59th Illinois, has just arrived with thirty veterans, well armed with breech-loading rifles, from Litchfield. They belong to the 6th Missouri, which was raised in Illinois. He informs me that he could have had a hundred citizens if he had had the authority to bring them, but the veterans are enough for them at this time. The telegraph is now in working order, and a train will leave for Charleston at 10 o'clock A. M.

The 47th Indiana are just leaving for the Department of the Gulf via Cairo. They are a fine body of men and reflect credit upon the Hoosier State.

Col. Oakes has gone to Charleston to confer with Colonel Mitchell. The 41st have gone into quarters. Whether they will remain or not is uncertain until Col. Oakes returns.

At 3 P. M.

Col. True, of the 62d Illinois, is in command here, and General Heintzelman is expected this evening. All is quiet at present.


Captured in Coles County and Vicinity.

Alexander Snyder, Charleston, Coles county.
Frank Reardon, do do
David Jones, do do
John P. Keller, do do; formerly Capt. of Company G. 130th Illinois Regiment.
Ferdinand McGill, Bay Creek, Edgar county.
John Tracy, Edgar county,
Isaac Cook, Coles county.
James Davison, do do
Lewis Burns, do do
Michael Murphy, do do
John Reynolds, do do
Vincent Cromwell, do
Anderson Kingsley, Cumberland county.
J. W. Murphy, Coles county.
James Hurdwick, do do
D. T. Richardson, Shelby; (son of the Sheriff of Shelby).
J. E. Ticknor, Kansas, Edgar county.
W. F. Hanks, Charleston.
Hiram Benshaw, Shelby county.
Wm. B. Harding, Big Creek, Edgar county.
S. G. Hanks, Big creek, Edgar county.
H. B. Ticknor, Kansas, Edgar county.
James O'Hair, Edgar county; (a relative of Sheriff O'Hair, of Coles county; supposed to be a brother.)
Wash Daren, Edgar county
Andrew B. Foutz, Paris, Edgar county.
B. E. Brooks, Coles county.
David Reardon, do
J. L. Reardon, do
Greenville McGuire, Big Creek, Edgar county.
Miron Shelborne, do do
E. Crowder, Charleston, Coles county.
Thomas McGuire, Coles county.
Wm C. Batty, Charleston, Coles county.
R. W. Dawson do do
Greenville and Thomas McGuire are deserters from the Federal army from Ohio, and R. W. Dawson from the 54th Illinois.