Official Instigations of Riot.

"The organization of the state militia, under Gov. Yates' last call, is speedily progressing. Companies are reporting from all parts of the state, and are asking for arms to defend themselves against the frequent threats of the copperheads."

Thus telegraphs Gov. Yates' private and confidential secretary to the Chicago Tribune. Will the people of Illinois ask any further testimony that the intention and design of the recent militia order was to furnish arms to the loyal leaguers? "Defend themselves against copperheads!" The base slander-monger who concocts such miserable attempts at ‘sensation’ is working more mischief than any other one man in Illinois, and if ever a case called for suppression by the strong arm, his is one. He is laboring to create the impression, and thereby to produce the fact, that one half the population of Illinois is arrayed in deadly and bitter enmity against the other, only waiting the signal to burst forth into a general outbreak. We can only characterize such attempts to evoke riot and bloodshed in Illinois as dastardly and devilish. From the Chicago Tribune nobody expects anything but mischief; but the Missouri Democrat should be capable of better things than to submit its columns to be the vehicle for Gov. Yates' foul and calumnious aspersions upon the people of Illinois. The labored and incessant attempts to make the public believe that this feeling of deadly hostility really exists between the two political parties, is doing more to bring such a sentiment about than all other agencies combined.

Suppose Joe Forrest's stories — or Gov. Yates', for he is really responsible for them — were true; what could the people of Illinois think of their situation? Could anything more horrible than such a state of public temper be conceived? The whole population of the state arrayed in factions, all armed, and ready and anxious to engage in the work of cutting throats and general massacre! Is there a man in the Union who believes this? And yet Gov. Yates, aided by his ‘aid’, are daily using the columns of the Tribune, Democrat, and a German paper at Chicago, to convince the republicans that the democracy entertain such feelings towards them, and to stir up passions of retaliation and revenge against the imaginary blood-thirsty designs of the democrats.

For very decency's sake, if not for the sake of public peace and safety, let these infamous and diabolical slanders cease. Meanwhile, democrats, be on the guard.