The Last Day of Grace.

To-day is the long-dreaded 5th of January — the day which, according to the President's proclamation, is to decide whether the draft shall come upon the State or not. While we do not regard the draft either as an unmitigated evil or a disgrace, we believe there is no true Illinoisan who does not wish that the State may make up its quota by volunteering. But for reasons which we have already given, we have little expectation that it will do so. Nevertheless, it is desirable to come as near to complete success as possible. For this reason we desire to see volunteering, on this last day of grace, proceed as rapidly as possible, in order that our quota to be raised by draft may be as small as possible. Those who have contemplated enlisting should act at once, as it is only by prompt action now that they can save the large bounties now being offered by the Government. After to-day these liberal inducements will be withdrawn.

The severe weather of the last few days and the interruption of travel have undoubtedly operated to greatly retard enlistments. We have no doubt, however, that large numbers of recruits from all parts of the State will present themselves at the different recruiting stations today.