Congressional Proceedings.


He is Advancing on Savannah in three columns.


NEW YORK, Dec. 9. — The Richmond Whig, 6th, says: "We have reason to believe from all we know and all we have heard, that Sherman's army has united, and is marching with measured pace to the coast south or southwest of Millen. We also have reason to anticipate a battle at some point north or northwest of Savannah at the close of the present week."

The Enquirer of the 6th says: "We learn that an official telegram recived last night states that Wheeler has inflicted a blow upon the enemy. The locality of this fight is not given, for sufficient reasons. It occurred last Sunday morning. One corps of the enemy and Kilpatrick's cavalry attacked Wheeler in a strong position. They came up boldly to the attack, and made several charges, all of which were repulsed by our men, who, though largely outnumbered, maintained their ground and raked down the foe."

The Dispatch states that the enemy lost heavily, and it was reported that Kilpatrick was wounded.

The steamer Hanna from Southampton 23d ult., has arrived. It was reported at Southampton on the 22d, that Semmes' ship "Sea King" was wrecked off Madrid.

Recent proceedings in the South Carolina Legislature look very much as though that State, in consistency with her ingrained secession doctrines, was about to secede from the empire of Jeff. Davis. Resolutions have been introduced in that body denouncing as unconstitutional the propositions to emancipate the slaves and abridge the freedom of the press; declaring that the States are not amenable to the Richmond Government, and advising the other States not to submit to its usurpations.

The Richmond Dispatch, 6th, says Sherman seems to be becoming more timid or more exhausted. For five days up to last Friday, he made only five miles per day. He has lost so much time, and given the Confederates opportunity to gather their forces, that he must of necessity strike for Savannah or Beaufort. He was expected at Savannah the 26th, and that night the shipping off that point threw up signals rockets for his guidance.

Richmond papers say Grant is massing on the extreme right of the army of the James, and attacks by him there and by the left of the army of the Potomac were expected.

The Port Royal Herald of the 5th says 3 deserters from Savannah arrived at Fort Pulaski on the 30th ult. They report Sherman advancing on Savannah in three columns, one by Millen, one by Oconee and Ocomulgee river, and the other across the Savannah river at Sishera Ferry. He left Macon and did not stop to occupy it. He had whipped Wayne's and Cobb's militia at Oconee bridge, driving them in every direction.