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NEW YORK, March 2. — The World has the following additional particulars concerning the burning of Columbia: When the Arago appeared off Charleston bar a dispatch boat met her with important news, which, if true, illustrates unparalleled rebel treachery. The officer who brought the intelligence stated that soon after a corps of Sherman's troops had captured Columbia the rebel citizens there endeavored, in every possible manner, to harass our troops. The corps which entered the city after its capture at once left to join in Sherman's further advance, and was succeeded by another, Gen. Slocum's. While the latter corps was marching through the principal streets to their temporary barracks a number of citizens poured a deadly fire upon them from the windows and roofs of the houses they occupied. Insurrection was beginning to spread, and our troops retired a short distance and subsequently fired the city, which is now in ashes. No further particulars were received.

The sale manager from Charleston also announced that news had just been received there that Sherman had marched, in force, to Augusta, and the enemy at once evacuated. It was also stated that a large amount of rebel property had been captured, and that Sherman, leaving sufficient force to garrison the city, proceeded on his way northward. The announcement was also made that Sherman was probably proceeding to the cities of Florence and Charlotte, in force, and that he had captured a large quantity of supplies on the route of his march.

The Herald's correspondent says Columbia was burned by order of Gen. Sherman, as a punishment for citizens firing on our troops when the city was in our possession.