Repeal of the Illinois Black Laws.

A general movement for the repeal of the infamous "black laws" which disgrace our statutes has been commenced. An article which we publish to-day from the New York Tribune will show the provisions of these laws, and the mere statement of them is a sufficient argument to enlist every good citizen in the State, no matter what his party associations, in the effort for their repeal. What course the representatives from this county may adopt, when required to vote directly upon the question, we cannot say, but we are unwilling to believe that even in Adams county, where McClellan had a thousand majority, and where prejudice against "the nigger" was one of the most potent weapons in the late election, a respectable number of persons can be found in favor of retaining such disgraceful and barbarous enactments. We do not suppose there can be any doubt of the result of the effort now making, but as an expression of the sentiments of the people of this locality, for the guidance of their representatives, we suggest the circulation of petitions in every neighborhood for the repeal of these laws.