Justice to McClellan.

The dispatches of to-day confirm the report that Gen. McClellan has been assigned the chief command of all the forces about Washington and the "army of Virginia."

This is but justice to a gallant leader, whose disgrace his enemies of the Greeley stripe have been exerting every means to bring about. It is a rebuke from the government which should drive these knaves to their holes; but we must expect from them still, even at the risk of the nation's safety, a continuance of their malicious yelpings.

The announcement of McClellan's accession to the command was received with the greatest enthusiasm by the army. Our gallant soldiery know that he has been persecuted and villified, and by this crusade the cause of the Union damaged. They know his worth as a leader, and enthusiastically hail his vindication by the government against the attacks upon his reputation by disorganizing radicals of the Tribune persuasion.