[For the Whig & Republican.]

The Copperhead and the Rattle Snake.

There is such a thing as propriety; and among things most proper is the fact that the traitor Democrat is denominated Copperhead. South Carolina has the rattle snake for her chosen symbol, and this exhibits the color of the chivalry of her sons who find a liking in something smart and venomous. True the rattle snake has his fangs and carries his poison in his mouth-bag. He is a reptile to be spurned and destroyed; yet he is far more respectable than his brother snake the Copperhead, in that he is an open enemy giving warning by the rattle of his approaching fangs. The Copperhead is more deadly because he adds treachery to his venom. Naturalists agree in saying that the Copperhead will actually go out of his way to bite the heels of the traveler, and what is worst he makes the sly attack without even the warning of a hiss. One might think that these would go side by side, and be loving companions. But not so. The rattle snake will not trust himself with his deceitful compeer. He even is mistrustful of his insidious finesse and declines alliance. Thus the Copperhead is dreaded and detested by both man and brute. May the time soon come when these all shall be trodden out from the city of Quincy.