Passes through Lines or on River.

Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1864.


The following regulations are published governing the issue and use of passes and permits upon the river or through military lines within this Department.

At Vicksburg, the system of passes will remain as prescribed in Special Orders No. 177, c.s., from the Head-Quarters District of Vicksburg.

At Natchez, Columbus and Cairo, permits and passes will not be given to go beyond the lines, nor by river to any point not garrisoned by the forces of the United States.

At Memphis, so long as the Head-Quarters of this Department shall remain there, the following regulations will be observed:

The Commanding General, District of West Tennessee, will grant passes to citizens of Memphis whose loyalty and devotion to the United States is known to be sincere and undoubted, who reside at their houses outside the picket lines and within the line of actual military occupation as defined in orders. These passes will be granted at the rate of one person to each family, with one vehicle and one colored driver, for thirty days at a time, and they will be allowed to carry out family supplies in quantities of one week's supply for each member of the family at one time, on proper papers first granted by the Treasury Department.

Great care will be taken by the District Commander that unworthy and untrustworthy people are not granted passes and permits under this authority. He may grant passes and permits by river from one military post to another within the limits of his Command, but in no case to board gunboats nor to points on the river not garrisoned by troops.

The Commanding General of the Post and Defences of Memphis will grant passes to officers and soldiers properly authorized to go beyond the lines for military purposes, and to loyal and reliable white persons, with vehicle, for the purpose of supplying the citizens of Memphis with wood and marketing; his last class of passes will be for thirty days or less, carefully restricted and limited in number not to exceed in any event one hundred in all.

The Superintendent of Freedmen, or the Provost Marshal of Freedmen under his orders, will grant passes to Freedmen with conveyance, for the purpose of supplying citizens with wood and marketing; these passes will be for thirty days or less, will also be restricted and limited in number as much as possible, not to exceed in any event one hundred in all.

All the above passes will be presented to the Provost Marshal General, Department of Mississippi, for investigation and endorsement, and until they receive his signature or that of an assistant whom he shall announce, they will not be valid or of effect. He will closely scrutinize them and carefully reject any which are justly subject to objection.

All passes other than those above provided for, if any are granted, will be issued only by the Major General commanding the Department.

The system of police, passes and permits by river, other than as above permitted, will hereafter be announced, and until further orders will be granted only by the Department Commander.

By orders of Maj. Gen. N. H. T. DANA.
T. H. HARRIS, Lieut. Col. A. A. G.