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Escape of 200 Union Prisoners.

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NEW YORK, March 11. — The Herald's Newbern correspondent of the 4th, says seven Union prisoners reached here yesterday morning, who escaped from the cars while being conveyed from Florence, S. C., to Salisbury, N. C.

The rebels commenced removing the entire body of prisoners, 20,000, as Sherman advanced towards that point, and 300 made good their escape.

The rebel guard were mostly boys from 14 to 16 and 18 years of age, and were illy able to bear the hardships of service, or meet the shrewdness or skill of veterans.

The seven who came in report they were first taken to Wilmington, and were being removed to Salisbury when they effected their escape.

On the 22d of February they were aided in reaching our lines by Union men and negroes.

The rebels are conscripting all boys they can find.

Negroes are coming in in droves, being terrified by the prospect of the rebels taking them into their armies. They say if they must fight they would rather fight for the north.