General Orders, No. 1.

SPRINGFIELD, ILL., April 15, 1861.

In view of the present dangers menacing the Government, and the probability of an immediate call being made on the several States of this Union for troops to aid in enforcing the laws and protecting the Capital and public property of this Union, the commandants of the several Divisions, Brigades, Regiments and independent Companies will take immediate steps towards perfecting the drills and discipline of their several commands, and hold themselves in readiness for actual service.

By order of the Commander in Chief.

T. S. MATHER, Adj. Gen'l.



Company Order No. 11.
Company A. 20th Regiment I. S. M.

Springfield Zouaves G. G.

You are hereby ordered to meet at your Armory this evening at 7 o'clock. By order of JOHN COOK, Commander.


Recruits wanted to fill vacancies in Company A. 20th Regiment, I. S. M.
N. E. MENDELL, O. S. S. Z. G. G. G.