Lincoln and Hunter.

It is known to our readers that Gen. Hunter recently issued a proclamation declaring the slaves in some two or three southern states free. He said in his proclamation that military rule, or martial law and slavery were incompatible. If he had written himself down an ass in one single word, he couldn't have made it plainer that he was one. The idea that martial law and slavery are incompatible — when martial law makes slaves of all upon whom and over whom it operates — is worthy of nobody but an ass. Well, this proclamation stood as the law of the land for several days. Lincoln hesitated, as usual. He didn't know what to say about it. He wanted to hold on till he could hear what the people seemed to think of it. He soon found out it would'nt go down, so he writes a pronunciamento, after the fashion of Santa Anna, in which he says Gen. Hunter had no authority to issue such a proclamation, and he has no evidence that he has issued it! If he has, Lincoln says he has done what he had no right to do, and what nobody but President Lincoln himself has the right to do. So, after all, according to Lincoln, it is only a question as to whether Hunter or Lincoln is king, and has the right to play despot. Just think of a president of the United States declaring that he has the right to emancipate the slaves! — to abolish slavery in the states? Where did he get the right? Did he get it from God or the people? He got it from neither. He got the right just where every despot on earth gets the right to trample down the rights of states and peoples. He has the same right precisely to abolish the relation between man and wife that he has to abolish the relation between master and slave. We can't see that Lincoln's pronunciamento is any better than Hunter's proclamation. Hunter simply did what Lincoln says he has the right to do, and may yet do if he thinks proper. Those who want to may glorify Lincoln over this assumption of despotic power — we denounce both Hunter and Lincoln. Neither of them is the friend of republican government. Both of them are enemies of the freedom of the white man, and the sooner they are both retired to private life the better it will be for our country and for the cause of self-government. — Quincy Herald.