There will be no Mob.

In spite of the threats and efforts of the anti-war mob organ (the Register) to the contrary, we assure our readers that there will be no mob in this city next Tuesday. In the first place, those who make these threats have no intention whatever of putting themselves in any danger. It is said that "a barking dog never bites," and those about the Register office are no exception to the general rule. Again, there are too many law-abiding citizens in Springfield to permit the disgrace which the mob organ would bring upon them and the city. If it was actually intended to incite a mob, the game was uncovered a little too soon. Property holders and all classes of honest citizens have too much at stake to permit their interests thus to be trifled with, whether by those, who, at a safe distance, seek to urge on the mob, or the more respectable desperadoes who are relied upon to carry the threat in to execution.

The elections this spring have generally been conducted in an orderly and quiet manner, and that in this city next Tuesday will be no exception. Parties have been arrayed against each other elsewhere with quite as much earnestness as here, without an outbreak and the destruction of the ballot-boxes, as threatened by the Register and its friends. The loyal men of the North have gone calmly and firmly forward in their efforts to sustain the Government, and are not to be frightened from that duty by the insensate rage and clamor of a defeated and shameless partisan. Let no one be alarmed. We repeat, there will be no mob on Tuesday next.