The Cairo Atheneum.

And still more rain, more mud, and wet and nastiness upon our streets — yet the Atheneum was comparatively well filled last night to witness the performances of Professor Dazzle, the Western Magician and Enchanter. We certainly thought, when we entered the place, that we should merely find a "barren account of empty boxes," but were agreeably surprised to see quite a number of ladies in attendance. The exhibition, as usual, passed off agreeably and pleasantly, the Professor being loudly applauded in his best acts. The programme was new and diversified, and not an incident occurred to mar the enjoyment of the occasion. Mrs. Noyes was loudly encored, and sang very sweetly indeed. Mr. Forden also gave good satisfaction. So did Mr. Taylor. Of the magic extravaganza of the "Red Devil," we can only say that it was good and exceeding outre. The handsome Page added not a little to the interest in the Professor's enchanted circle. It is really an enchanting boy — so the ladies say.

This evening Mr. George T. Crump, the present lessee and manager of the Atheneum — who will have been discovered by all who have attended his Soiree Dia[unknown] as the veritable Professor Diamond [unknown]kes a benefit. Several new things in the magic line — feats never performed or attempted to be performed in Cairo — will be introduced, and a number of volunteers will appear in recitations, songs, &c., &c. This being positively the last night of Professor Dazzle's exhibition at the Atheneum, we would advise all who have not seen him to go early to the box office and secure seats. There will be a grand rush for places. Those who have the choice of sofas will best enjoy the entertainment. Had we three wives we would endeavor to have them all present at the Atheneum to-night. As we are a "buck," we shall try to attend and look on and envy the happiest of the many Benedicts of our acquaintance who will have their wives by their sides.

Remember! This is Dazzle's last entertainment in Cairo!