Blockade of the Mississippi.

We are informed that instructions have been issued by the War Department interdicting the further shipment of provisions down the river at Cairo. We are glad that this has been done, and doubt not it will have a salutary effect in bringing the traitors to their senses. Some of the Ohio papers, we observe, have been attempting to cast censure upon Governor Yates of this State for not having himself prevented shipments South from Cairo. If they had given the subject one moment's careful reflection, they would themselves have seen that it was a matter exclusively in the hands of the General Government. He knows his duty and understands his position too well to interfere with what is beyond his legitimate powers. The soldiers at Cairo are not State troops, but they are in the service of the Government, and they look for and receive their orders from Washington. They have by this time, we presume, got the proper instructions in reference to stopping supplies bound Southward, and we have no doubt they will hereafter vigorously maintain the blockade.