St. Louis, Jan. 10.

— The Vicksburg Herald of the 5th has the full account of Grierson's recent raid in Mississippi.

The expedition left Memphis on the 21st ult., 3000 strong, consisting of the 2d N. J., 5th Mo., 7th Ind. Cavalry, 1st Miss. Mounted rifles, 3d and 4th Ind., 10th Mo., 2d Wis., 4th and 11th Ill., 3d U. S. colored.

At Egypt, on the Mobile and Ohio railroad, a considerable force of the enemy was encountered, and a sharp fight ensued, in which quite a number of the enemy were killed and wounded, and 500 prisoners taken. The rebel Brig. Gen. Holcomb, commanding, was among the killed.

From Egypt the command struck out westward, crossing the Mississippi Central railroad below Grenada, destroying thirty miles of the road, several locomotives, and thirty cars destroyed at Grenada, and extensive cloth and shoe factories at Bankston.

The expedition brought in a few horses and mules, and about the same number of contrabands.

Among the prisoners captured are one Colonel, one Lieut. Colonel, twenty-five line officers, and a number of our men, who, to escape the horrible treatment of our prisoners at Andersonville, had joined the rebel army.

On the night of Dec. 26th, Ensign Blumes, of the steamer Virginia, cut out from Galveston the schooner Dollie, from Nassau, with 120 bales of cotton. The schooner, when captured, was within 500 yards of the rebel guard ship, close in shore, and protected by shore batteries. The Virginia passed directly under the guns of two forts on her way out.

Fort Smith, Arkansas, advices of the 27th confirm the reported evacuation of that post and Van Buren, and the probable participation of their garrisons in some movement south. The people are leaving that part of the country, and it was feared that Forts Smith and Van Buren would be destroyed.

Lieut. Wilcox, of the Chickasaw battalion, had an interview with Gen. Thayer on the 26th, under a flag of truce, the reported object of the visit being to negotiate terms to surrender his battalion to the Union forces.

A remnant of Price's army is at Boggy Depot, on Red River. Deserters are very numerous, and the whole country is filled with stragglers.