Nubian Soldiers for Mexico.

Now let the Copperheads howl! The Emperor of France — who has no prejudices against color — has borrowed or hired of the Viceroy of Egypt a regiment or battalion of his Nubian soldiers for garrison service in Mexico. They have been shipped from Alexandria, are now somewhere on the raging deep (or in it) and will probably soon be heard of at Vera Cruz. There is "no discount" about the purity of blood of these Nubian soldiers. They are not of "African decent" at all — they are the orignal, simon pure Africans themselves — black as a rainy, moonless midnight — blacker than anything else in the world except the other "African citizens" of Africa, or the heart of a political Copperhead. We are thus emphatic because we have seen these soldiers on their own parade grounds, and know whereof we speak. They can stand heat and simoons, and yellow fever, and cholera, and snakes, and Mexicans, and will make good garrison troops — which is what Louis Napoleon wants. We are sorry that he has procured such aid — but then these are sorry times anyhow. He has shown his shrewdness by the act — and now let us show ours by also raising an American army of Nubian or Ethiopian descent.