From the 119th Regiment.

The 119th at Memphis — New Arms — Splendid weather and health — Arrival of wounded from Vicksburg — Popularity of the negro troops.

[Special Correspondence of the Whig & Republican.]

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 3, 1863.

FRIEND SNYDER: — The 119th were ordered from Buntyn and White's Stations to Germantown about ten days ago, and from there to Memphis in about four days more, where we are at present, awaiting farther developments of Providence and the Post Commander.

Our regiment received new arms yesterday. The Austrian rifles we were armed with at first have been condemned, and we have now got new Enfield rifles — excellent weapons, which we hope to have and opportunity of using to some advantage soon. We are expecting to be sent down the river to Vicksburg shortly, but may perhaps stay here a while longer.

The weather is very pleasant, the rains have laid the dust, and it is not excessively warm even in the middle of the day.

Fruits and vegetables of the early variety are plenty and for sale, dear at half the price.

The health of the men is improving lately. We have but three or four men off duty on account of sickness at present in Co. A.

Capt. Cramer, of the 50th Ill., gave us a call the other day. He came to Memphis on business, and staid with us over night. He is in excellent health, and reports our friends in the 50th from Quincy and vicinity as enjoying the same blessing. They are now at Corinth, Miss.

Great numbers of wounded soldiers from Vicksburg are constantly arriving at Memphis. Some are left in the hospitals here, and some are sent farther North.

Black soldiers are getting to be quite numerous in this Department. Several regiments have already been organized, and several more are organizing at Memphis. They will be just such soldiers as their officers make them. They learn very readily, and if they have good officers will do good service, and vice versa. They are coming into favor more and more here. Where the experiment has been fairly tried they have shown a military spirit and qualifications totally unexpected.

H. R. H.