Murders of Union Men in Illinois.

The telegraph informs us of the recent murder of two Union men in Southern Illinois — one in the vicinity of DuQuoin and the other near Carbondale. The supposed reason for the murder of the former is not stated, beyond the fact that he was a Union man, but the murder of Mr. Emory, near Carbondale, is traced to the fact that he has assisted in the arrest of a deserter. These instances bring us reluctantly to the conclusion that the reports of a disposition in certain parts of the State to resist the arrest of deserters and otherwise interfere with the execution of the laws, are now without foundation. Every good citizen of every party must reprobate, in the most earnest and decided manner, these diabolical outrages. Here may be seen the natural results of the teaching of those disloyal and unpatriotic men who have been seeking to array their dupes and followers against the Government and stimulate resistance to its authoritity. Every friend of law and order in the State will demand that the perpetrators of these infamous crimes shall be sought out and receive the severest penalty of the law.