Capture of Fort Henry.

Early yesterday morning a special dispatch was received by Gov. Yates, announcing that our troops had taken Fort Henry on the Tennessee river. The news immediately spread through the town and the utmost excitement over the victory prevailed. Everybody was inquiring to learn the particulars, and from the fact that very many of the troops who compose the United States forces are from this immediate vicinity, the curiosity deepened into anxiety. In the absence of positive intelligence, all manner of rumors were started on the street, and added to the excited state of public felling. The news of the capture, however, having been received from a reliable source was generally credited, and the flag was run up from the State House, and resolutions on the subject were prematurely offered in the Convention. Subsequently a dispatch to the press from Gen. Halleck confirmed the glorious intelligence. We, this morning, publish in our columns such particulars of the affair as have been received by telegraph.