Their Hypocrisy.

— A more bare-faced set of hypocrites and unblushing liars than the Black Republicans, as a body, have never had an existence. Their leaders were notoriously the most corrupt and dishonest men in the country, and their astounding misrepresentations and falsehoods were eagerly swallowed by the rank and file of the party, and industriously circulated under the most hypocritical pretentions. They indignantly denied the charge made by Democrats that they meditated interference with the rights of the South, and pledged themselves to a legal protection of slavery in States where it had an existence. In 1860, sixty-four of the Black Republican members of Congress signed a strong indorsement of Helper's "Impending Crisis," and recommended their party friends to give it a wide circulation. We give one extract from many of the same sort, to show the sentiment of the Helper book, and which the Congressmen said over their signatures they approved:

"Freemen of the North, we earnestly invite you to organize yourselves as one man under the banners of liberty, and to aid us in exterminating slavery. We think it will be an easy matter, independent of the negroes who in nine cases out of ten would be delighted to cut their masters' throats. We are determined to abolish slavery at all hazards, in defiance of all opposition of whatever nature. Of this the South may take due notice, and govern themselves accordingly."

Were these men displaced from official position by the Republicans at home who professed to disapprove the sentiments endorsed by their leaders? Not at all. — Nearly every one of them were re-nominated, and where it was in the power of the Republicans, were re-elected. These that were defeated, were beaten by Democrats, with the assistance of honest men who deserted the Abolition party when they saw its real objects. These martyrs to true Black Republicanism, after rejection by the people, were at once the recipients of Administration favor, and all were supplied with appointments under the President, or made parties to fat contracts. Every Republican who adheres to his party, in the face of facts so plain, is equally guilty with his leaders in falsehood and misrepresentation, or is an undoubted Abolitionist.