The News.

— PRESIDENT LINCOLN AND SEC'Y SEWARD ASSASSINATED. — The people of the country were to-day shocked by the intelligence which flashed across the wires announcing that the President of the United States was last night assassinated by a desperado, and died from the effects of the wounds received. Secretary Seward, who lay upon a bed of sickness, with life and death quivering in the balance, also had his throat cut.

We have no heart for comment to-day. The news has unfitted us for the task, and with deep emotion we await further particulars.

The Feeling in this City.

As soon as the news of the assassination of Lincoln and Seward was received in this city, the large WAR EAGLE flag was hoisted at half-mast, and a bulletin placarded at the entrance to our office. The intelligence spread like wild-fire, and but one feeling was expressed, viz: pain and exasperation. At first some were inclined to believe it an April fool joke, and would scarcely believe that men could be found infamous enough to perpetrate such foul deeds. But upon being assured that the account was official, grief, deep seated and abiding, took possession of all, and to-day our citizens are indeed a "people of mourning," all hoping that the avenging hand of law and humanity may soon reach and summarily dispose of the ruffians who perpetrated the foul crimes. All of our principal places of business are draped in mourning.