Niggers to be Drafted.

— It is now announced that the niggers will be drafted first — the Abolitionists having become very much exasperated against them on account of their refusal to volunteer in the ranks of the Federal army to fight for their own liberation. It is proposed to take about 40,000 of the shades from the North — which number it is confidently believed will sweep like a whirlwind through the South, crushing rebellion everywhere, and setting an example of valor and enthusiastic bravery which the "more sluggish" white soldier would do well to imitate. — Gov. Andrews, of Massachusetts, is especially hostile, and is clamorous for an immediate draft of those ungrateful beings. — Fred Douglass and a number of other famous ebony orators, have been out some time, stirring up the patriotic African element by vigorous and eloquent appeals, to volunteer in the Massachusetts Brigade, and join in the gallant fight for their liberty. But the niggers don't volunteer, and the last hope of the eastern Abolitionist is about dissipated. They had supposed that if the slaves could be liberated and sent among them, they could fill their quota of troops in any future levy with blacks, as an offset to the white men of the West. — In that, event the Abolitionists could continue at home, coining money, leading a life of ease and security, and howl for a "vigorous prosecution of the war," while the West would be becoming daily more and more exhausted. But the thing don't seem to work, and if the niggers can't be procured, there is prospect of the white-gloved Yankees standing behind a musket! In that event, we imagine their love for Sambo will suffer a very considerable moderation. Let it come.