The Conspiracy Case.

The testimony in the case of the Chicago conspirators accumulates the proof of a design to get up an outbreak during the Chicago National Convention, and shows that the "Sons of Liberty" were in the plot. After the failure of that part of the plan, men were sent into the southern part of this State and Indiana to drill the "Sons" in those sections. The arrangements for the attack upon Camp Douglas the night before the election, and the burning of Chicago, were discussed at meetings of the councils in the city. At one of the earlier meetings, a man named James Rock, acting as one of the editors of the Chicago Times was present, and was one of a committee to a report on the objects of the order. This report was not made by Rock, because he had not received the higher degrees, but was made by Judge Morris, one of the conspirators on trial. Morris said the objects of the order were to resist the encroachments of the Lincoln Administration, and to get together a sufficient force to withstand them. He said they had friends, and must stand firmly together. "Our friends would be ready when we were strong enough to make a stand." They were then within an enclosure, and when they were once in action they would "give the damned Abolitionists hell under the shirt tail." He mentioned no time for the uprising, but speaking of the election said "if Mr. Lincoln was elected we must make immediate head against him."